Global Alliance of Regional Women Mediator Networks

The Network of African Women in Conflict Prevention and Mediation (Femwise-Africa)

Mission Statement

FemWise-Africa aims to strengthen the role of women in conflict prevention and mediation as well as peace-making and post-conflict reconstruction and development efforts in the context of the African Peace and Security Architecture

The Network of African Women in Conflict Prevention and Mediation, officially referred to as FemWise-Africa, is a subsidiary mechanism of the Panel of the Wise, one of the critical pillars of the Peace and Security Architecture of the African Union (APSA). The Network aims to strengthen the role of women in conflict prevention and mediation efforts by providing a platform for strategic advocacy, capacity-building and networking.

The African Union in its commitment to women’s meaningful participation in the peace and security of the Continent took three landmark decisions that ultimately led to the establishment of FemWise-Africa: The 2010 Decision of the Peace and Security Council asking the Panel of the Wise to undertake a study on Women in armed conflicts; the 2014 Decision of Ministers of Gender calling for the creation of an association of women in mediation; the 13 March 2017 Decision of the AU Peace and Security Council endorsing the modalities for the Network. Further endorsement was given by the UN Security Council on 27 March 2017 as part of their Arria Formula meeting.

FemWise-Africa was officially established through a decision of the AU Assembly of Heads of State (AU Summit) on 4 July 2017 (Assembly/AU/Draft/Dec.21 (XXIX)).

Priorities of Femwise-Africa

I. Professionalizing the role of women in preventive diplomacy and mediation at Tracks I, II and III levels;

II. Ensuring a channel for women’s meaningful and effective participation in peace processes, including as heads of official high-level mediation missions;

III. Initiating women’s action that catalyzes and mainstreams the engagement of women in mediation in line with the African Union’s “Agenda 2063” and the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

IV. Bridging the gap between Tracks I, II and III mediation and synergizing efforts towards inclusive peace processes with sustainable outcomes.

V. Strengthening the mediation interventions of FemWise-Africa with the facilitation of Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) and the establishment of Local and National Peace Infrastructures as foundations and launchpads for medium to longer term initiatives that ensure that stability and development take root.