Global Alliance of Regional Women Mediator Networks

The Women Mediators across the Commonwealth

The Women Mediators across the Commonwealth network was launched in July 2017, following a £1.6 million commitment by the UK Government to this priority during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April 2017. The network emphasises the invaluable work that women mediators are doing across these different spaces, and envisages to increase the visibility of their important work which plays an important role in addressing conflict and sustainable pecebuilding.

Members come together through peer to peer learning initiatives, mediation trainings and network development workshops. Collectively the network advocates for the increased participation of women in peace processes both locally, regionally and internationally, by enhancing existing spaces and identifying new spaces and opportunities for engagement.

The network is coordinated by peacebuilding organisation Conciliation Resources, and currently has 46 members from 21 different Commonwealth countries.

Our vision

A world in which inclusive peace processes result in sustainable and positive peace

Our purpose

WMC brings together experienced mediators working across different contexts to share and learn from each other, grow professionally, and advocate for increased women’s participation in peace processes globally.

Our values